Isil Plasticsis one of the long-established companies engaged in Plastics and Moldings Industry.

Introduced in plastics by manufacturing toys and kitchenware in Istanbul, Tahtakale in 1969, our company moved into its new facilities fully constructed in Istanbul, Bagcilar in 1978. Having built its molding room in 1992, our company achieved to fulfill its molding needs and designs under its own roof. With increasing imports for toys and kitchenware, our company decided to discontinue such product ranges in 1993 to serve as subsidiary for leading companies and soon attained its place in industrial market. Pursuant to decisions to make new investments and increase capacity in 2011, our company initiated to activate Bursa facility and shortly after in 2012 put Bursa facility into service.

We are at the service of our valued customers in our Bursa factory.